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Thursday, March 3, 2011

A 19 Year old author from the University of Rhode Island

          At a time when creativity is at it's utmost importance, especially for today's youth in our ever changing environment, many students are gearing towards accomplishing success stories that many have to wait their whole lives to see. With jobless rates increasing, and college graduates increasing, competition in each of our individual fields is sky rocketing. Students who exceed the norm will have a better chance of getting a job than those who simply sit back and ride the wave. It's the student who over-exceed who will have the highest chances of getting a job. Let me not start off this article though by stating that the whole point to the author I am getting to is doing this for her resume. In fact, she writes as a hobby. I am almost positive in fact, that she wrote her first book "for fun."

          The author I am speaking of is Rachel Salch. She is a sophomore at The University of Rhode Island. She is majoring in Landscape Architecture. Having known Rachel for the past two years, I have gotten to know her very well. Rachel doesn't do the things she accomplishes to simply impress anyone, she does it for her own well-being. 'If it ain't perfect, she isn't happy.' I can attest for that statement even though it is purely an opinionated statement. But seriously, she will sit down for hours upon hours into the morning to get what she is working on absolutely perfect. It is far fetched to find someone with an attitude such as hers. 

            Let's get to her book. When I first met Rachel, she had already been working on her book for quite a while. I would always be interested in hearing about what was going on with her writings. It was always coming along. Whenever she had some spare time, which I am not quite sure how she had any, she would be writing. After our winter break, I ran up to her to see how her book was coming along. Before winter break she was still reading it over and editing. Rachel said, "Yep, it's done." Simply put with not a lot of enthusiasm. I love it! She completes a book, but doesn't want to advertise it. Now that's some good self discipline! I would be telling the whole world to be completely honest. Rachel doesn't know I'm writing this, so I hope she doesn't mind that I'm telling the whole world that she just completed her book. 

           Here's how she got started:

"I started writing my book after experimenting with writing stories.  I started writing short stories and sharing them with my friends.  When my friends liked them, I was encouraged to write more.  

My book, DIDO: QUEEN OF CARTHAGE, is a fictional book, written mostly from the point of view of the main character, Dido.  It is based off of the Roman myth of Dido, and parts of the Aeneid, which my high school Latin teacher (Mrs. M-D!!!!!) would read in class." Rachel Salch

I'm not sure when she will be getting it published or if she will be getting it published, since she doesn't like to brag about her skills. Definitely keep an eye out for it!

Check out her blog spot:

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