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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Re-Generative Generation, Not The Sustainable Generation

a generation re-generating life.

Growing up in a quite urban area, approximately 45 minutes from Manhattan, I have met a lot of really interesting people. When I say really interesting, I mean anywhere from an urban ‘starbucker’ to a west coast rancher. From a horticulturist to an aspiring entrepreneur. Who did I like most? Well, I would say I liked the aspiring entrepreneur the most, and the horticulturist the least. But on a different scale, rather than like and hate. A  scale which ranges from the most intriguing, open to change down to someone who  always complains because the earth is not a lush native forest. Notice that both want change… also notice that I picked these two as examples to focus on. Why- because I liked both of these people the most out of my list, though one was always complaining (horticulturist), they are still trying to change the world.
Where am I going with this?

The urban ‘starbucker’ is open to change, normally a democrat, and usually drives a prius, or takes the train wherever they go. All good things, nothing wrong with any of these qualities.

The West Coast Rancher, in my creative little mind, always thought of someone who was old fashioned, certainly not open to change, and also someone who wakes up every morning at 5:30 A.M. to hop on the horse and start farm work for the day. This one west coast rancher in particular, whom I happened to meet while in New Zealand was quite different from that stereotype I had stuck in my head. Her name was Traci and she was open to change. I was a part of that change, and really appreciated her willingness to see the rest of the world, not just her ranch. She told me that quite a bit of my stereotyping was on the money, but she was different then her family. She inspired me… there’s some magic that comes with seeing a rancher who wants
 to see the rest of the world. It makes you realize that you can enjoy both worlds, a relatively conservative lifestyle, stagnant on a farm for most of your life, but then if you want some change, you can get up and leave.

Of course we cannot all afford to become urban ‘starbuckers’ nor can we all capture the lifestyle of a west coast rancher… but what we can learn, is how to pull some qualities from all these people… a slice of ‘green’ from the urban ‘starbucker’, some relaxed, low maintenance (luxury wise) excitement from the west coast rancher, thinking big from the entrepreneur and caring about preserving our forests and bio diversity on earth from the horticulturist.

With the development of this recipe come’s some hard work, motivation and most importantly, commitment. Often, people will become vegetarians… for six months. Go on a diet… for eight months. Go on a budget… for two weeks or cut down on luxuries… for maybe a month at most.

This lifestyle recipe I am putting forth is necessary if we want to be on our way to not sustaining (sustainability) what we have- because its on the down slope, but rather re-generating what we used to have. We need to live our lives not only healing ourselves, but the environment and eco-system around us. We need to re-build and re-habilitate what we have, not start from scratch… it is simply too late for that.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Does this remind you of yourself?

You save up a bunch of money, and then when something great comes along, you start spending all your savings. Yes?

Your not alone

In fact, many end up spending most if not all of their childhood savings between the ages of 18 and 22.

I am guilty. It's okay though... as long as you have a backup plan.

For instance, I am travelling at the moment... well studying and travelling. I am studying at Lincoln University in Canterbury, New Zealand. If I stay on campus, I barely spend any money... but as soon as I get off campus and start sightseeing, my money starts to disappear.

Before coming to New Zealand, I allocated a bank account which would (hopefully) be enough to last me the four months that I was studying for in New Zealand. No, I am not rich... I have just been organizing my money into different categories for many years. I'm twenty years old... I don't have a ton of money, but if you start early, it's amazing how much money you can save... especially if you save for a GOAL. When you save with a goal in mind, you end up focusing more on saving (in order to achieve that goal) rather than just to see numbers rise in an account that says savings account... instead, I recommend having the bank label it based on the goal you have.

I also recommend opening up bank accounts with different banks. So when you are saving for your travel budget, you go to TD Ameritrade. When you are saving for Retirement (start now!) you go to Chase. When you are saving for a car, go to Wells Fargo. This way, you have an image in your mind of which bank is for which purpose. At your age, you may want to constantly go to Wells Fargo when you gather a few extra bucks. Once in a while you may visit TD Ameritrade because it's fun to travel. But rarely, or even never will you visit Chase. Visit Chase... ask an adult!

The one's that tell you to not worry about it most likely do not have enough money to retire... and therefore, it is up to you whether you want to listen or not. But wouldn't it be great to start early, and retire early... as early as 35-40 even! I've seen it happen... these people didn't make a million dollars a year, they just started saving early... seriously. Knowing that you don't need to work would be the best feeling in the world... even better if you continued working because you can finally enjoy what you do, and not have to worry about paying the bills... bills are so stressfull! Stress kills, therefore avoid all of that by 
S  T  A  R  T  I  N  G    N  O  W. 

Your backup plan requires that you visit TD Ameritrade, Wells Fargo and Chase evenly. If you keep them close to equal... then when it comes time to travel, and if you don't have enough in that account, you can evenly distribute withdrawals from Wells Fargo and Chase (depends). If you have it all in one, you are more likely to spend it all. If you have multiple accounts, it will 'feel bad' to go broke in all your accounts, so it will force you to spend wisely... trust me, this 'secret' works!

Plus, when you return from your travels, like myself, you will come home to two accounts which have some dough in them ($10 in the Wells Fargo and $20 in the Chase. Seriously, try this out, it really works! Remember, I'm not getting paid for this... I'm doing this on my own time to help YOU out.)


Monday, September 12, 2011

Top Financial Moves To Focus On In Your 20's


I know you want your smart phones, Ipads, Ipods, Laptops and the latest edition of everything... or maybe you don't...

You only live once, and your only young once... I know!

You don't have to give anything up... you can still live your younger years having fun, and possibly not working your life away... since we have the rest of our lives to work, right?


Do not forget that one day, you will be saying, I should have started saving when I was younger... so why not just start now? Just do it... take your risks when your young, risk not going to a party, saving $20 and throw it into your Roth IRA. (What's this... go to your local bank and they will be more than happy to tell you all about it... seriously, they will be extremely happy that your making the best decision of your life!) You'll get bored if I explain it here. But before you go, grab a job and start making some money, you'll need a job if you want to open a Roth IRA.

Do you think it's too risky to get a job during school? Do you not really need a job... well even if you don't need the money, grab a job, not only will you be helping out your future, but you may even see your grades rise! Studies show that often, students with part-time jobs perform better in school than those who don't... this is becasue of the communication skills you gain. (Of course this is not always true, for me it is though).

Follow These Three Steps:
(Remember, I'm doing this extra work, on top of school work, for a reason! Trust me. )

1) Plan

To get where you need to be in life, it's best if you have goals. With your goals, comes a plan. If you intend to meet your goals without a plan, you can compare it to driving a car without a steering wheel.

What do you want in your future? (Write it down, and read it over 5 times)

Try short term first (3-5 years)... medium (5-15 years) and then long (20 plus years)

Dont be afraid to budget.

2) Live within your budget

If you find yourself saying, I really cannot afford it, but I only live once... just let it go. Of course this depends on the situation and whether we are talking about an Ipod or a college Text Book. Go for the Text Book.

If you live within your means (and enforce it), you will find that over the next several years, that you have saved up/saved thousands of dollars.

You've got enough stress within your life, and not to mention school. Do the hard work now, save, and when you are older, you can live your life without an added financial stress.

3) Make your budgeting and saving a permanent habit... that doesn't mean you have to be 'cheap'

Always have at least $500 in your bank... nope, no arguing (except for certain situations), it's mandatory, and certainly not impossible (for the most part).

Try and eventually have at least three months of 'emergency' cash in your bank.

Once you've got the emergency funds situation dealt with, you can start dividing you monthly savings to go towards some other goals (vacations, first home, new car). The amount of savings depends on your salary. I would say three quarters of your salary going to savings would be fantastic... though this is almost impossible at points... when your in your lower 20's, this should not be a major problem.

In the next blog post, I will discuss Investing and paying down debt. But for now, focus on these three major issues.


Monday, August 8, 2011

Stock Traders and People interested in the Stock Market!


During these economic down turns, those who really understand how the stock market works will normally start to buy in at this point. Perhaps waiting a couple more weeks would be sensible, thought a lot of stocks are much cheaper than they were just one month ago.

I have to put out a warning though. There's a difference between cashing in on the general public fear that the world is falling apart using your own cash versus taking out a loan to invest  (unless you are taking out a loan to invest the sum in a Term Deposit/CD account which is guaranteed at a fixed rate normally... and if the rate is higher than your interest rate on the loan, then it is actually quite brilliant). I'm sure you can decipher for yourself, which one falls into either category.

Taking a loan out to invest could destroy your credit and life. If you have found an amazing deal or something that made you believe that this is your time to walk away from the bunker and jump into the war (even though your strapped for cash... but are absolutely positive that this is your calling), then I suggest you stay put for now untill you can save up a few more dollars. Stocks will rise, but they will drop again. You will have your chance... things happen for a reason. Don't make the mistake that millions of Americans have made, and that is taking a loan out to buy a home in hopes that their life and their salary would be the same for the 30 years that they signed on for their mortgage. Except for you, it would mean that your taking out a loan, and perhaps the stock drops and now you owe heaps of money to the bank, and are paying for something that you no longer have. This happens, I've seen it happen and it's not pretty.

"There is only one real sin, and that is to persuade oneself that the second-best is anything but the second-best."         - Doris Lessing

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

International viewpoint on U.S. debt ceiling vote

Ausgust 2, 2011

Christchurch, New Zealand

It was a historical moment in the United States yesterday. Let's start out here with a bit of examination on the whole situation.

"QUESTION: What does the deal do?
ANSWER: It allows the Obama administration to issue at least $900 billion more in government securities -- and raise enough money to pay the nation's obligations for six or seven more months. It also creates a process in which an additional $1.2 trillion, if not more, can be raised down the road."

Studying abroad in breath taking New Zealand has been a really unique experience so far. I have met people from all around the world, all sharing very different views. I have finally found something that myself, and all the other international students at Lincoln University can agree upon. The fact of the matter is, that the U.S. is digging itself deeper and deeper into an endless pit. Some say it's going to give us a boost, but I say we've had plenty of boosts, it's now time to cut down on spending.

Now I understand that according to Obama's plan, we are going to cut costs into the billions (if not into the trillions) over the next couple years. As well, the debt ceiling will eventually rise to $1.2 trillion... luckily, not all at once. My question is, "we have bailed out companies which appear to be thriving... we were there for them, why can't they be here for us? I understand the money is coming from somewhere, and most likely, elsewhere, out of the United States... specifically thinking it will be coming from China perhaps? Why can't it come locally. Wouldn't we rather have a risk of defaulting in the United States, rather than with another country!?"

What are your thoughts? As a young adult, or an adult, how do you feel this will afect our futures? Will we ever escape this habit of endless spending?


"People with clear, written goals, accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them could ever imagine."

- Brian Tracy

Monday, July 11, 2011

New Zealand Bound

DYSM Readers,

While abroad in New Zealand, I will be updating and focusing most of my blogosphere time on the following blog (for the next four months):

See you there!

Matthew Berger

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Consider this career path...

Landscape Architecture...

Here's what Landscape Architects do...

I'm studying Landscape Architecture at The University of Rhode Island and for a short period of time at Lincoln University in New Zealand...

If you have any questions, leave a comment. I will be more than happy to help you out on your journey to finding a major (or a minor) in a college that is best suited for you!


Friday, May 20, 2011

Just graduated high school?


Isn't this great, your off to college... four more years (or two more years) and your done with school forever (unless you plan on getting your masters or PHD!). At this point you should be prepared to step foot in the college of your choice, well hopefully! I'm sure you are, but just read through some of these pre-requisites towards entering college and make sure your all set to go!

*Time Management Tips for Students

Organizing Your Life

Managing your time well is an important element of success — especially if you’re a student. If you set priorities that fit your needs and lifestyle, you'll have a better chance of achieving your goals.
Here are some tips for taking control of your time and organizing your life.

1. Make a To-Do List Every Day.

Put things that are most important at the top and do them first. And don't forget to reward yourself for your accomplishments.

2. Use Spare Minutes Wisely.

When you’re commuting on the bus or train, use the time to get some reading done.

3. It's Okay to Say No.

If your friend asks you to go to a movie on a Thursday night and you have an exam the next morning, realize that it's okay to say no. Keep your short- and long-term priorities in mind.

4. Find the Right Time.

You'll work more efficiently if you figure out when you do your best work. For example, if your brain handles math better in the afternoon, don't wait to do it until late at night.

5. Review Your Notes Every Day.

Reviewing helps you reinforce what you've learned, so you need less time to study before a test. You'll also be ready if you get called on in class or have to take a pop quiz.

6. Get a Good Night's Sleep.

Your brain needs rest to perform at its peak. Lack of sleep makes the day seem longer and your tasks seem more difficult.

7. Communicate Your Schedule to Others.

If phone calls or text messages are proving to be a distraction, tell your friends that you are only available at certain times of day and not to expect a response at other times.

8. Become a Taskmaster.

Give yourself a time budget and plan your activities accordingly. Figure out how much free time you have each week before you add any commitments.

9. Don't Waste Time Agonizing.

Instead of agonizing and procrastinating, just do it. Wasting an entire evening worrying about something that you're supposed to be doing is not productive, and can increase your stress.

10. Determine Your Priorities.

You can’t do everything at once. Establish the importance of each item. Then set realistic goals that are attainable.

* Found on The College Board website.

Coming from someone who wasn't completely prepared for college, I can tell you personally that every single one of these checkpoints are extremely crucial towards a successful college career. Personally communication (especially with your daily schedule) to friends, family and professors is an extremely crucial task to master (preferably before) for college. I struggled and still do (ie. over booking myself, saying yes to everything, planning to be in two places at once) with communicating my time to others effectively.

Go through that list over and over again (if need be) and make sure you've mastered that list. When you find a personal issue with one of those checkpoints, write it down and give it to someone who knows you well (it would be great if that person was a teacher). Have them give you an opinion on past examples of things you've done that you could potentially work on.

Make good use of your time this summer and find all weaknesses that you may have (if you have any at all). If you can master this list, your surely prepared to succeed with honors during your college career. Cheers.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Looking into the future...

Sitting here in Brewed Awakenings, a great Cafe in Rhode Island, sipping on an Iced coffee and doing some homework, I gathered up, what I hope to be some great ideas for the future of 'Doubling Your Summer Money.'

I imagine...

A collection of books to prove to the average college student studying away from their hometown) (on campus or off campus, that you can have fun, pay for school on your own, gain the experience that every college student desires, live on campus, do well in school, eat well and budget effectively.

So far, in addition to the original, 'Doubling Your Summer Money,' I'm also working on... The College Student's Cookbook (sections for on campus students and sections for off campus students). It will prove to you that you can make delicious meals, even if you don't know how to cook. It will show you how much money you can truly save by making your own meals rather than eating out. If you live on campus, it will show you recipes for combining college food to stay healthy and fit.
A quick preview for my idea. I want to create a cookbook specifically illustrated for the average college student, whether they are living on campus or off!

 I just put that together in photoshop, I know it ain't perfect...

Let me know if you like this idea...

Enjoy the rain (if your in the Northeast region of the United States)... for those of you in elsewhere locations, please pray for some sun in our neck of the woods!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Peer Pressure...

With all these companies out there trying to develop a new image for themselves, I've tried to do the same.

With the past few days of awful weather, I've had some time to catch up.

 I got quite a bit done actually...

  • Managed to get free rent for one month (Doing a bit of power washing and painting for my landlord).
  • Booked a power washing job, and possibly a few more.
  • Figured out my summer schedule for work at Chop Mist Charlie's (the restaurant I work at).
  • Got just about everything set for July, when I take off for New Zealand to Study Abroad!
  • Got my oil changed
  • Fixed my bike
  • And cooked a great meal (Lamb Rib Chops with Butternut Squash and Spinach)!
Even with the rain, I went on a long bike ride, from my home to University of Rhode Island, it took an hour there and an hour back (yes, I was beat).  But I was inspired by that bike ride to start biking more... to the supermarket, coffee shop, etc.

I re-designed the area at the top of the page, let me know how you like it, please!

I'm sincerely working on my book, hoping to have it done by the time I get back from New Zealand, in November.

Just so you know, I'm not writing this book in hopes to keep all the profits, in fact more than half of the profits will be donated to a non-profit, which I am also working on. The non-profit will award scholarships for students who show true entrepreneurial spirit.

Thank you for reading my blog. I enjoy enlightening the world with my realistic, sometimes unrealistic blog posts, but as always, I appreciate you following me on my journey through life.


Matthew Berger

Monday, April 25, 2011

Places I've travelled to before I turned twenty...

Make yours @

United States
Dominican Republic
Vatican City State
Turks and Caicos Islands

New York
North Carolina
New Hampshire
Rhode Island
New Jersey

Thanks for visiting my blog :)

~Matthew Berger 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Summer Job Experiment- Success!

A Cordless Lawn Mower! ("Don't mowers use gas?")

I grew up, during the summer months, listening to the roar of engines... those forty eight inch commercial lawn mowers as they swept through the lush green lawns of my neighborhood. Since I loved the smell of fresh cut grass, I would always open my windows in the morning despite the loud pollution. As those massive lawn mowers approached the left side of my house, where my room is located, I would run to the windows to close them, because I despised the smell of gasoline!

As I grew older, to around twelve years old, I started to realize that I wanted to start cutting lawns! So, for the next two summers, I did just that. As I matured, I started to realize that I wanted to make a difference in the community. I thought "People hate the roar of a mower, despise having to go out and purchase gasoline and do not like the smell of gasoline either.

I took a trip to The Home Depot Website and saw electric lawn mowers for sale. I said, "Okay I am totally upgrading to one of these!" That was going to be my birthday gift to myself! So I took three hundred dollars of my Summer Money and without a doubt, have since Doubled My Summer Money. Anyways, so I bought a cordless Electric Lawn mower that uses a re-chargeable lithium - ion battery. It will last about five hours or so.

No Gas, No Oil, No Noise Pollution!

I was so excited that night, that I designed fliers using Microsoft Word and handed them out to all my neighbors (Some still have the fliers I handed out when I was twelve or thirteen years old) announcing my purchase and to remind them that my services are for hire.

I was blown away with the amount of responses about people wanting to hire me to maintain their properties. The 'Green' trend was only beginning at that point... I knew I was off to a good summer and a great future since I was ready to explore the contents of this global eco-friendly movement.

A Cordless Electric Lawn Mower by EARTHWISE to take a look at...

A Corded Electric Lawn Mower by EARTHWISE to take a look at...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Quote for the day- April 19, 2011

"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal."
        - Henry Ford 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Getting To Know Yourself...

What exactly does, "Getting to know yourself" mean?

Sadly, many people do not and will not ever know themselves very well. I bring this to light because I feel it is crucial to your success in your future career as not only a professional, but as a student.

I'm currently writing this chapter of my book (this blog entry) at Fort Wetherhill park in Jamestown (an island) in Rhode Island. It's 9:50 a.m. on a Saturday and I have about an hour until work starts, which is only a 2 minute drive from here. This is the spot where I first met myself. Seriously though, I came here, to this secluded cliff side overlooking the bay. It's a great place to escape the real world for a short period of time, or a long period of time if you choose. It's so quiet and tranquil that it almost forces you to do some real deep thinking. 

These are some things I thought of:

Who am I?

Why am I here?

What was I sent to do in this world?

I've always thought a lot, but here I was thinking more than ever before. I knew this was a magical spot that I would always come to if I wanted to come up with some good ideas or if I just wanted to give my mind a break. Before coming here, I always thought a lot, but not always clearly and concisely. Well, after coming here over and over again, I started to understand that my unclear and hectic thinking practices were actually clear and concise, but that I was just missing a piece from the puzzle! I wasn't writing anything down. It was formulated in one brain cell, passed to the front of the line, pondered upon, and then disappeared into thin air. Finally, I started bringing a notebook with me and I started to organize what I was going to think about, and on what days I would think about them. It was a giant experiment/plan that I was formulating to see if I could put my ideas to work, rather than just taking up some of my free time. Well to say the least, it has worked so far.

Anyways, after some serious calculations (joking, I'm awful at mathematics) I decided to start working on my book, 'Doubling Your Summer Money.'

So what's the point, I find a place to go to, relax, and I'll realize I should write a book? You may decide that, but I remembered, after some good thinking practices and organizing of my thoughts (organization is key!), a dream that I had thought of when I was much, much younger. I wanted to grow up to help make positive changes in peoples lives and eventually become an author. I never thought about becoming an author in high school, hence why am I constantly working on my writing skills. I had many thoughts when I was younger of what my dream life would be when I was a 'grown up.' Professors and teachers always say go with your intuition or your first thought, but how could you if you can't remember what your first thought was when you were younger? Sure people change their life paths and do absolutely fine for themselves. All that I am trying to say is that through my continuous process of getting to know myself(through organizing my thoughts), I was able to understand what I wanted in life and what I was sent down here to do. I remembered my dream. Life is a challenge, so getting my writing skills up to par with the credentials I need to take my book to the publishing house is a personal goal of mine.

Find a place to escape to.

Try and remember your dreams from years ago.
Don't forget to trust your intuition!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Google Magic

Chapter 10- Young Adult Googles His Idea For A Business

University of Rhode Island- April 13, 2011
Peter was simply walking down the quad at University of Rhode Island and like most young adult college students, he was surfing the web on his smart phone. Unlike other students, Peter has a strong interest in graphic design, particularly drawing designs on T-Shirts. Never did he think about selling his designs though. He would make T-Shirts for his family and friends. He really enjoyed this hobby, and that made him think hard about what he could possibly do to invest deeper into his passion.

After scrolling through his designs on his resume website, he came up with a great idea mixed with a dollop of entrepreneurial spirit. “How can I sell these designs imprinted on clothing to people around me on campus?”

He knew that he didn’t have time to open his own store and he did not want a life as a store owner either. He was a graphic design major. His dream was to sell his line to a major clothing retailer. He came up with a better idea. Since people always use their smart phones, he figured he could attract the largest audience by having his shop accessible online. There would be no physical storefront, but that he could run the shop out of his dorm or area at home with his parents.
After visiting a Border’s Book Store, he came across a book that discussed the idea of creating App’s to be viewed on Apple Products. He found a problem and he found a solution, both which are crucial to opening a business, whether it be a physical store front, a website, or an Apple App viewed on your hand held device.

The Problem:

Young adults do not always have a mode of transportation.

Many Young Adults would love to be able to just simply walk throughout a ‘mega-mall’ at least once a week.

Many do not have the money to buy name brand merchandise.

The Solution:

Since most young adults own a product that can access Apple’s App World or has itunes, which enables them to do just that, then they could access Peter’s genius idea.

The Idea:

An app which can be downloaded for free. You could scroll through several, if not hundreds of designs for the fronts of t-shirts search able by different styles. Once you open an account with E-Tshirt, you will be asked if you would like to add your shirt size and favorite t-shirt color. You can even opt to pre-load your account with money so that when you find a t-shirt design that you like, you can simply click and buy without having to hustle down your parents for their credit card.

As a society, we have to understand that we simply don’t have time anymore to go to a mall and spend several hours there walking endlessly hoping to find at least one item that you like and that you can afford (or not really be able to afford it, but buy it anyways). Sure we may have some time to spare, but wouldn’t you rather get a great deal on something that you know you like rather than something that everyone else is buying! Something original... What about the fact that you could find what you want and have it with the simple touch of a button... reducing your carbon footprint, and now you have saved time to exercise, play outside with friends or get homework done!

When we go to malls, we end up walking around, making our minds crazy over items we really want, but cannot afford, and then we end up going to the food concession and spending money on food that we really didn’t need. So now were training our minds to work our lives away to buy designer clothing, eat junk food and not have a true goal in mind, making a difference in our community. Sure buying lots of clothes, appliances and food at the local mall helps our economy, but it surely isn’t giving back into our community. Were creating carbon footprints by driving there, walking around in an indoor mall which uses heat, air conditioning, or oil and electricity, and of course, coal!

With the touch of E-Tshirt, you can avoid all of that, and rather than wasting time at a mall, you can play in the local park or volunteer at a local food bank, or even study for your next test. Now do you see what Peter was thinking all along?! It’s not about getting rich, it’s about creating the next name brand clothing company. The next designer clothing company will be a role model for us all.

Save Money.

Reduce Carbon Footprints.

Save time to do more proactive activities with our time.

Reduce non-sense spending to give back in other ways, not just to our economies financial end.

So why is Peter not going to be rich and make a fortune over his idea?(Well, he will be rich mentally.) Because he is a designer clothing company, and because he is a name brand company as well, that’s why! When your at the top of your league, you should be known for being the best out there. For ever t-shirt purchased, he will donate seventy five percent of his profit to non-profit organizations out there. Simply put, he will re-define what name brand means. 

 "Sow an act, and you reap a habit; sow habit, and you reap a character; sow a character, and you reap a destiny."
-George Dana Boardman

Friday, April 8, 2011

Retired in College

Are You Retired Yet?

You don't have to be 65 or older to answer yes or no...

That's a weird question for a blog titled, Doubling Your Summer Money, right? It may sound weird to ask on this website, but in my world, its a concept I like to think of translated to, "Are you happy with your studies or career? Are you in a career or aiming for a career that's not at the top of your "dream" list. 

If you are not a young adult (but still young hearted) and are answering yes, than I salute you, because I have spoken to many adults who have careers that are second choice jobs, and not something that they really want to be doing. In fact I've only met a select few adults who are truly retired, since they are in a career they have always dreamed of. No I am not talking about truly retired, as in financially ready to stop working, but retired, with my concept of being happy with your current job. 

If you are a young adult, and are either getting ready to go to college, or already in college, and you consider yourself not retired (remember I am not talking about financially retired), then I recommend you step back for a second and THINK about  your choices in life. Although there are many of us who go to college because we want to study something that interests us, and eventually land a job in that career field, there are many of us who are studying something because either their parents want them to study (law or medicine) or because they know they will make 'bank' in a certain field. If you are one of those students, who are studying something that you love, then consider yourself retired since you can be sure of having a great retirement for the rest of your life, rather than waiting till your financial retirement to truly enjoy the simpler things in life.

For those of you who are studying in a certain field to become rich, I warn you against that decision. Although money is nice, it does not solve all problems. Study what you truly want, and if you do not know what you truly want to study, then look through the majors offered at your college again and again until you find something that strikes you. 

We live in a society that depends on speed, effectiveness, and the internet. I personally want things to come to me quickly and efficiently. I do not want to sit back and wait. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has these views. With that in mind, wouldn't you want retirement now (mentally speaking, not financially), rather than waiting forty or so years to receive a check in the mail. 

Study what makes you happy, not what will hopefully and eventually add large numbers to your bank account. 

If you don't believe me, go speak to the closest adult to you, and ask them if they are happy with their job. Seven times out of ten (in my opinion), you will hear a negative response. 

Be the minority, not the majority. 

Just because we want things quick and we want things now, doesn't mean we shouldn't plan for the distant future. I recommend opening a "Roth IRA." Ask your parents or a local bank about how to go about doing so. When you hit the financial retirement age (59 and a half), you should have a nice check waiting for you at the bank.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Imagine being handed 10,000!

What would you do if someone handed you

Say the first answer that pops in your head.

Write it down.

Re-read what you wrote.

The point of this is to personally understand what money means to you. 
You can tell a lot about yourself after doing this short exercise.

I'm gonna run out and ask 10 young adults this same question. 

I'll post the results tomorrow!

Feel free to use the comment section below as a place to write your answer.
Don't be afraid to press send, you can do it anonymously!   

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A 19 Year old author from the University of Rhode Island

          At a time when creativity is at it's utmost importance, especially for today's youth in our ever changing environment, many students are gearing towards accomplishing success stories that many have to wait their whole lives to see. With jobless rates increasing, and college graduates increasing, competition in each of our individual fields is sky rocketing. Students who exceed the norm will have a better chance of getting a job than those who simply sit back and ride the wave. It's the student who over-exceed who will have the highest chances of getting a job. Let me not start off this article though by stating that the whole point to the author I am getting to is doing this for her resume. In fact, she writes as a hobby. I am almost positive in fact, that she wrote her first book "for fun."

          The author I am speaking of is Rachel Salch. She is a sophomore at The University of Rhode Island. She is majoring in Landscape Architecture. Having known Rachel for the past two years, I have gotten to know her very well. Rachel doesn't do the things she accomplishes to simply impress anyone, she does it for her own well-being. 'If it ain't perfect, she isn't happy.' I can attest for that statement even though it is purely an opinionated statement. But seriously, she will sit down for hours upon hours into the morning to get what she is working on absolutely perfect. It is far fetched to find someone with an attitude such as hers. 

            Let's get to her book. When I first met Rachel, she had already been working on her book for quite a while. I would always be interested in hearing about what was going on with her writings. It was always coming along. Whenever she had some spare time, which I am not quite sure how she had any, she would be writing. After our winter break, I ran up to her to see how her book was coming along. Before winter break she was still reading it over and editing. Rachel said, "Yep, it's done." Simply put with not a lot of enthusiasm. I love it! She completes a book, but doesn't want to advertise it. Now that's some good self discipline! I would be telling the whole world to be completely honest. Rachel doesn't know I'm writing this, so I hope she doesn't mind that I'm telling the whole world that she just completed her book. 

           Here's how she got started:

"I started writing my book after experimenting with writing stories.  I started writing short stories and sharing them with my friends.  When my friends liked them, I was encouraged to write more.  

My book, DIDO: QUEEN OF CARTHAGE, is a fictional book, written mostly from the point of view of the main character, Dido.  It is based off of the Roman myth of Dido, and parts of the Aeneid, which my high school Latin teacher (Mrs. M-D!!!!!) would read in class." Rachel Salch

I'm not sure when she will be getting it published or if she will be getting it published, since she doesn't like to brag about her skills. Definitely keep an eye out for it!

Check out her blog spot:

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

An Interview With Catherine Ludwiczak, Founder of "Share The Green"

 W W W . C H A N G E    T H E    M O M E N T . O R G

Saturday, January 15, 2011

What to do on a cold wintery day...

Read quotes!

Check out this great app for the Apple Ipod!

With 53,000+ quotes on this 'quote generator', you will certainly find a handful of quotes to live by...

Check it out here...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Martin Luther King Jr day is January 17!

MLK Day of Service
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said...

"Life's most persistent and urgent question is: 'What are you doing for others?'"

What will you be doing for Martin Luther King day?

If you have no plans, check out this site, it's lists' some great volunteer opportunities. On a day which represents strong leadership and courage, wouldn't it be great to do give back to our community?

Please visit:

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

If you need a good smile...

I guarantee you will watch this more than once!

You can follow them on their page...!/pages/Jorge-Alexa-and-Eliana-Narvaez-Fan-Page/142284429163445
Here's another...
And another...


You can also follow them via twitter-
They also have a BlogSpot!
By Poet Unknown
Like a bread without the spreadin'.
Like a mattress without beddin',
Like a cart without a hoss,
Like a door without a latchstring,
Like a dry an' barren creed bed-
Is the face without a smile.
Like a house without a dooryard,
Like a clock without a mainspring,
That will never tell the hour;
A thing that sort o' makes yo' feel
A hunger all the while-
Oh, the saddest sight that ever was
Is a face without a smile!
The face of man was built for smiles,
An' thereby he is blest
Above the critters of the field,
The birds an' all the rest;
He's just a little lower
Than the angels in the skies,
An' the reason is that he can smile;
Therein his glory lies!
So smile an' don't forget to smile,
An' smile, an' smile ag'in
'Twill help you all along the way,
An' cheer you mile by mile;
An' so, whatever is your lot,
Jes' smile, an' smile, an' smile. 
Enjoy the day!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Make 2011 a good year for everyone!

Make at least 1 person smile every day this year ...

Just a simple, friendly smile...

Keep On Smiling

© Alexandra Skiathitis
If at times you feel you want to cry.
And life seems such a trial.
Above the clouds there’s a bright blue sky
So make your tears a smile.

As you travel on life’s way
With its many ups and downs
Remember it’s quite true to say
One smile is worth a dozen frowns.

Among the worlds expensive things
A smile is very cheap
And when you give a smile away,
You get one back to keep.

Happiness comes at times to all
But sadness comes unbidden
And sometimes a few tears must fall
Among the laughter hidden.

So when friends have sadness on their face
And troubles round them piled
The world will seem a better place
And all because you smiled.

The end