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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A list of entrepreneurs under the age of 21...

2009 McKelvey Entrepreneurs

Tony Adams
New York, NY
King Tones Vending Corp

Andrew Aubry
Arlington Heighs, IL
Baggo Shack

Matthew Berger
Croton-on-Hudson, New York
Matt’s Lawn care and Landscaping
Wondorous Things

Brittany Bergquist
Norwell, MA
Cell Phones for Soldiers, Inc.

Jonathan Brandao
North Arlington, New Jersey

Austin Brinson
The Woodlands, TX
Texas Power Tech, Inc

Nathan Brown
Murfreesboro, TN
Media and Marketing

David Buono
Stoneham, MA
Spinner Music Productions

Stephanie Campbell
Downingtown, PA
Kidz Tennis

Matthew Certner
Morristown, NJ
New Jersey Sports Clinics for Children with Special Needs (SCSN)

Jessica Cervantes
Miami, Florida
Popsy Cakes

Tim Chae
El Dorado Hills, CA
NRG Entertainments

Robert M Chambers III
Locust Grove, VA
Chambers Agricultural Enterprise

Paul M. Cohen
Vineland, NJ
Trinston Diversified, LLC.

Tyler Cole
Okeana, Ohio
Xyche Web Solutions LLC

Tom Currier
Rochester, MN
Minnesota Student Energy Project

Anish Dalal
Carol Stream, IL
Dgroup Computers LLC

Bradford Davis
Ypsilanti, MI
B&C Lawn Service

Adam Deflorian
Tucson, Arizona
Arizona Design Studio
Arizona Deco Studio

Daniel DeLong
Waukesha, WI
Telvisio Solutions

Chelsea Dougherty
Palm City, FL
Sew Preppy, LLC

Lucas Duplancic
Orinda, CA

Owen Frazier
Huntingdon Valley, PA
Frazier Landscapers

Chad Gangloff
Clarence, NY
Chad’s Computer Service

Jennifer Goebel
Plano, TX
All-American Dance Company

Adriana Gordon
Petal, MI
The Uniform Corner

Marlo Adelle Greta
Austin, TX

Isaac Goldberg
Burlington, VT
The Cash Grab

Aaron Grider
Farmington Hills, MI
Flash Technologies

Chris Higey
Willoughby Hills, OH
Showcase Detailing

Jeremy Hodkin
Hollywood, FL
Icon Media
Simply Simchas

Dallas Jessup
Vancouver, WA
Just Yell Fire Inc.

Nick Kitmitto
Queen Creek, AZ
Data Host Direct

Carolyn Lacey
Troy, MO
Camp Life Guarding and Canoe Instruction

Scott Landers
Cooper, TX
4L Cattle Co

Jasmine Lawrence
Williamstown, NJ
EDEN BodyWorks

Patrick Leahy
Redmond, WA
Shield of Green, Inc

Raymond Lei
Cupertino, CA

Jonathan Manzi
Beverly, MA
Vintage Network, LLC

Patrick McClellan
Centennial, CO
Patrick’s Home Theaters

Tyler McIntyre
Cherry Hill, NJ
TMC ProHost
Vigor Tel

David Merk
Marlborough, MA
CDC Landscaping

Chase Meyers
Marlborough, MA
CDC Landscaping

Bogdan Milanovic
Kragujevac, Serbia
Bogmil Consulting, S.Z.R.

Blake Minge
Perham, MN
The Cactus

Seth Pippin
Lee’s Summit, MO
Pippin Internet Solutions

Matthew Pleatman
West Bloomfield, MI
TGZ Studio

Leah Post
La Quinta, CA
Brandini Toffee

David Prince
Highland Park, NJ
Prince Management

John Rahmon
Corona, CA
Dalia’s Furniture Company

David Rajewski
Rolling Hills Estates, CA
Stoked Skateboards

Ilan Regenbaum
Atlanta, GA
Flash Foto Events

Shawn Rine
Columbus, OH
Rine Landscaping Group, Inc.

Jim SanMarco
San Antonio, TX
SA for MDA

Bryce Satterfield
Oconomowoc, WI
Bryco’s Lawn Service

Taylor Savage
Pacific Palisades, CA

Erich Schwarzbeck
Mount Prospect, IL
Baggo Shack

Jay Shectman
Weston, FL
You Ask, We Tutor!

Tim Shi
Midland, MI
Flexible Gaming

Jason Simmons
Honeoye Falls, NY
Birthday Parteez

Jake Spniowitz
Woodbury, NY
Lend An Ear Long Island

Daniel Andrew Stanek
Saint Charles, IL
Castle Party Rentals

Josh Stephens
Hawesville, KY
Uncle Josh’s Sorghum
Uncle Josh’s Produce

Sarah Stern
Lawrence, KS
Sarah Stern Photography

Tara Suri
Scarsdale, NY
Turn Your World Around

Payson Titcomb
Sandwich, MA
The Ice Cream Boat

Brandon Weimer
La Quinta, CA
Brandini Toffee

Garrett Weiss
Danville, CA

Zachary West
Great Neck, NY
Zach West Web Design and Technology

Bryce Wilson
Cupertino, CA
Vandelay Industries

Bryan Wittstein
North Andover, MA
Wittstein Woodworks

Kristin Wood
Cincinnati, OH
Great College Gifts

Devon Zielinski
Arsyle, TX
C.E.O. Lawn care

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Facebook may be a leading cause for depression in the 21st century...

Facebook was made for 
College Students

...not for Children and 

"...a rated R website" 

Not a PG-13 website!

Sadly, there are no laws
 in place to limit 
what age group can 
use certain websites...


The following is 

reason why is Rated R (for mature audiences only!)

A study was performed about teenage girls 
being affected by Facebook Usage.

"This may sound like a joke, but it's not: researchers at Stony Brook University in New York have found that too much Facebook usage can leave you more prone to anxiety and depression...that is, if you're a teenage girl. In a study, a group of 13-year old girls were evaluated by psychology professor Dr. Joanne Davila and her colleague, Lisa Starr. A year later, the researchers followed up with the girls, testing them for depressive symptoms."

"Admit it. You can't stop. Morning, noon, night -- you're on Facebook. Now new research says excessive FBing may lead to anxiety and depression -- especially if you are a teenage girl.
teen girl looking depressed
Researchers at Stony Brook University in New York have found that too much Facebook usage leaves teen girls more prone to angst. The study, recently published in The Journal of Adolescence, found that teen girls who talked with their friends online had significantly higher levels of depression. One of the study's authors, psychology professor Dr. Joanne Davila, says "Texting, instant messaging and social networking make it very easy for adolescents to become even more anxious, which can lead to depression."
At issue is that social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace allow young girls to harp on their issues - over and over again ad nauseum. The study says this caused the participants to get stuck obsessing over a particular emotional setback, unable to move forward.
But isn't this all part of growing up -- especially for teen girls? Obsessing over a crush or an issue at school is part of life -- right? We all remember talking on the phone for hours about that boy in math class, agonizing when he asked Jennifer to the dance instead of us. Dr. Davila concedes that excessive commiseration is nothing new, but points out that it's the amount of the discussion that leads to the feelings of depression. She says, "[The girls] often don't realize that excessive talking is actually making them feel worse."
Is this something we moms should be concerned about? We talked to Dr. Lisa Boesky, psychologist and author of When to Worry: How to Tell if Your Teen Needs Help & What to Do About It for guidance. 
"We need to be very careful about the conclusions we draw from this study," Dr. Boesky says. "Close friendships -- and talking about your problems with friends -- can be very helpful for teenage girls. There may be some girls who have other risk factors for depression and obsessing over their problems makes them feel worse."

She continues: "This is a small study of mostly Caucasian 13-year-olds. Friendships among teen girls, how they talk about their problems, and the manner in which today's technologically savvy teens communicate with each other is complex and more research is needed before we can apply these findings to adolescents as a whole."

If you DO think your teen is depressed, Dr. Lisa says to be on the lookout for the following signs and symptoms:

•     Sadness, irritability, or having a short fuse
•     Loss of interest in hobbies
•     Weight loss or weight gain
•     Sleeping too much or too little
•     Moves more slowly or appears more restless than usual
•     Repeated complaints of being tired, having no energy or aches/pains
•     Always criticizing herself, pre-occupied with past mistakes and failures
•     Distracted or forgetful
•     Likes music, books or poetry with themes of death or destruction
•     Has talked about wanting to be dead or being "unable to take it anymore"

If your teen has displayed several of the above symptoms for two weeks or more (especially if their schooling, relationships or family life are being affected), it is time to seek out a mental health professional who specializes in adolescents, says Dr. Boesky. "Your teen may or may not be depressed -- but you need to find out what is underlying their mood/behavior changes so you know what steps to take to help them," she says. "Any talk of suicide should be taken seriously and responded to immediately. Fortunately, most teens get bummed out or upset for a few days and then move on."

Does your teen spend too much time on the social networking sites? Are you concerned?"

Read more:

Friday, October 15, 2010

This is the most inspirational video clip that I have ever seen!

Make a scrapbook!

Watch this video and you will completely understand!

Leave a comment (please) about your thoughts after watching this video clip!

Thank you!


Winston Churchill says it best...

This video was forwarded to me this morning from Jan Johnsen. Jan is a great friend of mine, a great life coach, a great teacher, and above all, a great role-model! She even has a great blog that you should visit!

Has this convinced you to make a scrapbook?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Did you play 'Roller Coaster Tycoon' when you were younger?

Look Familiar?

       When I first met a few fellow McKelvey Entrepreneurs through an Entrepreneur foundation that I am apart of, there was such an incredible energy going throughout the room. First off, we were all excited to be staying at a loft in the heart of Times Square! But really, we all had one thing in common; we all lived our lives 'growing up entrepreneurs.'  In one of our first conversations together, we discussed how early on we started to care about making money. We came to an agreement that we all grew up playing Roller Coaster tycoon.

So, what does that mean?

       It meant that we were all true entrepreneurs at heart. In order to make ton's of money and in order to create the "Best" park possible, you had to put weeks of your time into the game. 






Those are just some characteristics of an entrepreneur.

I cannot speak for everyone obviously, but I believe that some of my earliest encounters of being an entrepreneur derived from playing the game 'Roller Coaster Tycoon.'

"It was incredible. One of the McKelvey Entrepreneurs brought up the question, "who here played 'Roller Coaster Tycoon' when they were younger?" Almost everyone shouted out "I DID!." Everyone, including me started talking about the game and how much fun it was. We discussed how we were all addicted to playing it."

 ~I told my family this when I returned from my trip in New York City...


Entrepreneur Spotlight

       I want to note one young entrepreneur that really stands out in my mind as a one of kind person. A young adult who wants the power of creating change for others, and yet isn't looking (or maybe he is?) to make millions. 

His name is Brandon L. Griffin 

Senior at Purdue University Calumet

Majoring in: 


A little bit about Brandon...

"Born in Gary, Indiana, Brandon was the first person to be inducted into the Society of Innovators under the age of 18, and at the same age was named one of the 20 most successful business people under the age of 40 by BusINess Magazine. He is the founder of FyeBye, Inc. which publishes FyeBye Magazine and organizes events designed to engage students in activities to enhance leadership skills and create entrepreneurship awareness. He has established a charitable fund for the social cause called the Brandon L. Griffin Foundation - A Fund of Tides Foundation. Together the Foundation and FyeBye, Inc. provides resources to cultivate their vision of the 22nd Century Youth."

Here's a couple link's where you can find our more about Brandon and his company...

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