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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pavement's and Entrance Way's

Pavements and Entrance Ways
At Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai, China!

 How beautiful is that concrete arch. The Chinese truly pay attention to detail. Nothing is done without planning ahead... whats better is that they work fast!

You cannot tell me that's not amazing! Now imagine how fast they could build an arch for a garden... and a beautiful patio area.

Check out the beautiful detail in each section! The cuts of blue stone in between each shape adds great texture. 

A view looking into the patio area from the outside of the arch. What beautiful craftsmanship... with the granite cuts creating the curve for the arch. How inviting is that?

Another arch entrance way in the Yuyuan Garden looking in and out...

 Another inviting entrance way!

There is so much to talk about it here... whether it's that pond below the walk bridge with beautiful Koi or the beautiful window's... Can you spot the camera? Check out the detail on that roof line!

Can you get over that color?

Great detail!

It was so exciting to walk that bridge. It took me about 15 minutes to reach the end of the bridge because my attention was taken by the fish in that pond and the serenity and peacefulness that is created by the plants and views in the space.

The black doors create a bold entrance into a space which has many different pavement's going on... a little too busy if you ask me. But, if you were to walk about that space with your head down, like I did, you would be amazed at how much pride they take in the creation of their pavement's. Pavement's can make or break a space!

Sample Pavements throughout Yuyuan Garden

A little busy... but really unique!

Bold.. yet still a bit busy!

Awesome transition between two pavements... and a beautiful connection to the undulating border of rocks!

 This one is my personal favorite! I love how its clean, simple and yet so bold! It's the 'freeway' of the space. When you want to pull over, slow down and take pictures, people tend to step off of the pebble style walkway, onto the blue stone area, since the garden would often be flooded with tour groups... and they WILL run you over. What's really cool is that the maintenance people use Bamboo brooms to sweep the space because the bristles effectively clean out dirt and waste in between the small pebbles... but also because its a local material, and grows wild... so it's easy to find! When the bristles break or fall out, they don't buy a new broom, they just pick some dead shoots of bamboo from around them, and secure them to their broom!

Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai China. 2011

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