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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Buy Tech Stocks- Post 3- Apple

Technology is ever changing. Products are being released all the time. Some good, Some Great and some are even awful. In today's world, it almost like a roll of the dice.

The above make up the reasons why investing into technology stocks can be EXTREMELY profitable, or not.

Apple. Apple is an all around great technology company. They make great products, they are addictive, and they are ALWAYS releasing new products. Although their products are pricey, its worth every penny because there is almost always an apple store somewhere near you. Apple stands behind everything they make and are honest and upfront with you when buying a product. You can't ask for much more.

Current Stock Price : AAPL(ticker symbol) $239.07 (per share of Apple).

          This stock is extremely pricey. If you can afford it, buy it now. I believe it will hit Google prices of $500 plus in the near future. The reason I believe this is because Apple is an extremely profitable company.

Since it is highly profitable, it is also a very strong company.

Apple has the power to do what it would like with the technology industry. Well, most technology companies have the power to do what they want, but Apple is a bit different. You see, Apple has millions of Young adults praising apple.

The Ipod(I mean, you must have an ipod right? Even if you don't please keep reading) was a jackpot for Apple. You go into the apple store to get your ipod fixed or you go in to buy a new ipod every two or three years. When you step in, you see all of their products. Instantly you want them. If you are with your parents, they want a piece of all that technology as well. There you go, your parents are hooked on Apple products. Where do you go to see every product Dell or HP makes? Circuit City etc.... But in that store, you also see Apple products. Hint Hint, since Apple has it's own stores, people assume it's a great product since the company goes out of their way to show you their product. One day, when everyone decides that they want to spend the money on an Apple product, hands down, Apple will take most of the technology market into their own hands.

Apple is an overall great buy. If you can afford it, go for it. If not, then stay tuned for much more affordable technology stocks that are worth buying.

~So you ask, how will this help me double my summer money? Well if you can afford to buy Apple Stock, then you can easily double your money over the next couple years. By the way, if you plan on buying this stock, can I get your secrets on how you've made so much money over the summer? I would love to know.... just saying :). ~

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