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Monday, October 4, 2010


Can be quite easy actually.

This calculation should get you thinking...

                $1.00 per year ~ 100,000 subscribers ~ $100,000 a year

Your probably thinking that this is 'way' out of reach and 'way' over exaggerated... right?

It is completely within reach. In fact, that number (both the price and the amount of people can easily increase). 

There are Millions upon Millions of people surfing the world wide web everyday! With some elbow grease and simple marketing skills, you can access a large audience. Accessing an audience into the millions does take some added extra effort though. If you are a marketing genius, then you should have no problem. But if you are like me, then you may have to take the extra effort of either; A) Asking for help or paying someone to help you 'or' B) Working with a not-for-profit organization (Nationally or Internationally Recognized) to support your blog. Possibly donating a quarter to half of all profits in return for a wide audience. Another added benefit would be that the people would be more likely to subscribe to your blog since they could take it as a tax deduction. 

In my case, I am trying to create a blog where a young entrepreneur can send out a tip of the day. A different student entrepreneur everyday. This blog could last for two years or more!

At $5.00 a year with 100,000 subscribers, we would net $500,000 for the year. By the second year we would have brought in $1,000,000. ($500,000 would go to the American Cancer Society and $500,000 would be spread out amongst the young entrepreneurs in the foundation). 
It does not have to be just the American Cancer Society- in fact the more foundations, the better! 

I am part of a foundation called The McKelvey Foundation. They award several young entrepreneurs a generous four year scholarship. Unfortunately, the founder, Andy McKelvey (God bless his soul) passed on a few years back. His entire estate is in probate currently. Therefore, we have been receiving bear minimum amounts of scholarship money. 

In order to help the scholarship foundation recover from its recent obstacles, my idea was to simply create this "blog" like I mentioned above. It would not be a blog quite like this one. It would most likely be one that can either be either emailed or texted to the subscriber. 

It would be superb if "" could squeeze out a section on their homepage to include a "tip of the day" sorta thing :) .

Would you spend $5.00 a year... knowing that half of it is being spent to support several causes, and the other $2.50 would support several hundred young entrepreneurs? *In return, you would be getting great tips and advice all year long. Plus, you would receive stories of how each of us got started with our businesses.

Please let me know what you think! 


  1. Very interesting. Lets talk about it.
    Brandon L. Griffin

  2. Looking forward to it. I believe we can go far with this foundation as a start.
    Talk to you soon.

    Matthew Berger