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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Consider this career path...

Landscape Architecture...

Here's what Landscape Architects do...

I'm studying Landscape Architecture at The University of Rhode Island and for a short period of time at Lincoln University in New Zealand...

If you have any questions, leave a comment. I will be more than happy to help you out on your journey to finding a major (or a minor) in a college that is best suited for you!


Friday, May 20, 2011

Just graduated high school?


Isn't this great, your off to college... four more years (or two more years) and your done with school forever (unless you plan on getting your masters or PHD!). At this point you should be prepared to step foot in the college of your choice, well hopefully! I'm sure you are, but just read through some of these pre-requisites towards entering college and make sure your all set to go!

*Time Management Tips for Students

Organizing Your Life

Managing your time well is an important element of success — especially if you’re a student. If you set priorities that fit your needs and lifestyle, you'll have a better chance of achieving your goals.
Here are some tips for taking control of your time and organizing your life.

1. Make a To-Do List Every Day.

Put things that are most important at the top and do them first. And don't forget to reward yourself for your accomplishments.

2. Use Spare Minutes Wisely.

When you’re commuting on the bus or train, use the time to get some reading done.

3. It's Okay to Say No.

If your friend asks you to go to a movie on a Thursday night and you have an exam the next morning, realize that it's okay to say no. Keep your short- and long-term priorities in mind.

4. Find the Right Time.

You'll work more efficiently if you figure out when you do your best work. For example, if your brain handles math better in the afternoon, don't wait to do it until late at night.

5. Review Your Notes Every Day.

Reviewing helps you reinforce what you've learned, so you need less time to study before a test. You'll also be ready if you get called on in class or have to take a pop quiz.

6. Get a Good Night's Sleep.

Your brain needs rest to perform at its peak. Lack of sleep makes the day seem longer and your tasks seem more difficult.

7. Communicate Your Schedule to Others.

If phone calls or text messages are proving to be a distraction, tell your friends that you are only available at certain times of day and not to expect a response at other times.

8. Become a Taskmaster.

Give yourself a time budget and plan your activities accordingly. Figure out how much free time you have each week before you add any commitments.

9. Don't Waste Time Agonizing.

Instead of agonizing and procrastinating, just do it. Wasting an entire evening worrying about something that you're supposed to be doing is not productive, and can increase your stress.

10. Determine Your Priorities.

You can’t do everything at once. Establish the importance of each item. Then set realistic goals that are attainable.

* Found on The College Board website.

Coming from someone who wasn't completely prepared for college, I can tell you personally that every single one of these checkpoints are extremely crucial towards a successful college career. Personally communication (especially with your daily schedule) to friends, family and professors is an extremely crucial task to master (preferably before) for college. I struggled and still do (ie. over booking myself, saying yes to everything, planning to be in two places at once) with communicating my time to others effectively.

Go through that list over and over again (if need be) and make sure you've mastered that list. When you find a personal issue with one of those checkpoints, write it down and give it to someone who knows you well (it would be great if that person was a teacher). Have them give you an opinion on past examples of things you've done that you could potentially work on.

Make good use of your time this summer and find all weaknesses that you may have (if you have any at all). If you can master this list, your surely prepared to succeed with honors during your college career. Cheers.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Looking into the future...

Sitting here in Brewed Awakenings, a great Cafe in Rhode Island, sipping on an Iced coffee and doing some homework, I gathered up, what I hope to be some great ideas for the future of 'Doubling Your Summer Money.'

I imagine...

A collection of books to prove to the average college student studying away from their hometown) (on campus or off campus, that you can have fun, pay for school on your own, gain the experience that every college student desires, live on campus, do well in school, eat well and budget effectively.

So far, in addition to the original, 'Doubling Your Summer Money,' I'm also working on... The College Student's Cookbook (sections for on campus students and sections for off campus students). It will prove to you that you can make delicious meals, even if you don't know how to cook. It will show you how much money you can truly save by making your own meals rather than eating out. If you live on campus, it will show you recipes for combining college food to stay healthy and fit.
A quick preview for my idea. I want to create a cookbook specifically illustrated for the average college student, whether they are living on campus or off!

 I just put that together in photoshop, I know it ain't perfect...

Let me know if you like this idea...

Enjoy the rain (if your in the Northeast region of the United States)... for those of you in elsewhere locations, please pray for some sun in our neck of the woods!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Peer Pressure...

With all these companies out there trying to develop a new image for themselves, I've tried to do the same.

With the past few days of awful weather, I've had some time to catch up.

 I got quite a bit done actually...

  • Managed to get free rent for one month (Doing a bit of power washing and painting for my landlord).
  • Booked a power washing job, and possibly a few more.
  • Figured out my summer schedule for work at Chop Mist Charlie's (the restaurant I work at).
  • Got just about everything set for July, when I take off for New Zealand to Study Abroad!
  • Got my oil changed
  • Fixed my bike
  • And cooked a great meal (Lamb Rib Chops with Butternut Squash and Spinach)!
Even with the rain, I went on a long bike ride, from my home to University of Rhode Island, it took an hour there and an hour back (yes, I was beat).  But I was inspired by that bike ride to start biking more... to the supermarket, coffee shop, etc.

I re-designed the area at the top of the page, let me know how you like it, please!

I'm sincerely working on my book, hoping to have it done by the time I get back from New Zealand, in November.

Just so you know, I'm not writing this book in hopes to keep all the profits, in fact more than half of the profits will be donated to a non-profit, which I am also working on. The non-profit will award scholarships for students who show true entrepreneurial spirit.

Thank you for reading my blog. I enjoy enlightening the world with my realistic, sometimes unrealistic blog posts, but as always, I appreciate you following me on my journey through life.


Matthew Berger