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Friday, October 8, 2010

"Six Degrees of Separation." Behind the Scenes of Facebook and other popular social networking sites...


It truly is a small world out there. How many times have you ran into someone who asks, "Your friends with so and so, right?"

Probably quite a few times...

      The theory of "Six Degrees of Separation" says that one is separated from another by six links. Sorta makes sense, right? This kinda gets me thinking.... 

I have always wanted to meet Donald Trump... I wonder which one of my links connects me to 

So far, my 'celebrity' list of links is as follows:

Bill Clinton (1 degree) 
Jan- this one's for you!

Anthony Anderson(2 degrees)

Still Confused about what
"Six Degrees of Separation is all about?"

Well the most modern example of this theory can be found on a site that most of us use...

Personally, when someone add's me as a friend, or if I add someone, I will usually find that we have more than one friend 'in common.'

I'm sure you've also seen the screen on 'facebook', where it says that you 'may know this person.' That's using the logic of "Six Degrees of Separation." The automated generator is set up to assume that you know someone because a few of your friends know that person.

If your still confused...

Wikipedia explains it like this (using facebook's example of this theory)...


Facebook platform application named "Six Degrees" was developed by Karl Bunyan, which calculates the degrees of separation between different people. It had over 5.8 million users, as seen from the group's page. The average separation for all users of the application is 5.73 degrees, whereas the maximum degree of separation is 12. The application has a "Search for Connections" window to input any name of aFacebook user, to which it then shows the chain of connections. In June 2009, Bunyan shut down the application, presumably due to issues with Facebook's caching policy; specifically, the policy prohibited the storing of friend lists for more than 24 hours, which would have made the application inaccurate.[17]. A new version of the application became available at Six Degrees after Karl Bunyan gave permission to a group of developers led by Todd Chaffee to re-develop the application based on Facebook's revised policy on caching data. The initial version of the application was built at a Facebook Developers Garage London hackathon with Mark Zuckerberg in attendance."
If you've only heard of Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace, then this list will have you surfing the web in no time!

Yes, there are other social networking sites out there!

The list goes as follows:

How many degrees away are you from the 
next person you meet?


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  1. I'm probably too old to qualify, but this sounds intriguing.