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Sunday, October 3, 2010

If you are looking for a way to possibly quadruple your summer money, then Travel the world!

     I go to school in Rhode Island. From what I've heard, most people who live in Rhode Island don't leave the New England area. In fact, there are many who don't leave Rhode Island. You can actually drive from one end to the other in 45 minutes or so. How can your creative juices flow properly without some room to spread out? Rhode Islander's do have a good argument though...they say that Rhode Island everything to offer, such as numerous amounts of Mansions along the cliff walk, pristine beaches, a great city and many more exquisite amenities. It truly is a gorgeous place.

     But as we head back to the conversation about   how important it is to travel, this reasoning seems      to diminish. It is extremely important to let go, and          
head to a place far, far away. One should see
how others live to best determine what their next step in life shall be. To avoid going deeply into what can change through experiencing how others live, I'll leave a real simple note on this subject.
     Take photo's! If you take nothing back from your traveling except for several photos, I believe you have completed your mission. You can look back at these photos and remember what went on during that trip. Photo's make one think outside the box. If you are an interior designer, one photo can help you to create that top selling curtain at Bed Bath and Beyond. If you are a Landscape Architect, the picture of the old door with it's broken door handle, can help you to design a handle for the gate entrance to an estate. The possibilities are endless.
     Now I'm not going to keep going on and on about traveling, because I believe my rambling has taken up enough of your time already. I do want to point out one quick thing though. That is, GO VOLUNTEER! Find a non-profit organization, a church or some sort of group which takes volunteers to less than perfect areas, to help rebuild, or re-create. I went down to Bay St. Louis three years in a row... hand's down the best trip I ever went on. In fact, for two of the years, I didn't pay a penny! Anyway's, I met great people, conversed with tons of people along the way, and took good advice from everyone.

                                        Third year volunteering in Mississippi

      Many of the things I learned during those years of traveling, are what brought me to where I am today. I built a new level of confidence, and that is that meeting people, even if its a random stranger in the grocery store, is the best thing you could ever possibly do. That random stranger can you lead you to a great internship, job or even a business partner! Don't be hesitant to say hello to the next person you see!


  1. love your enthusiam! travel is the best way to learn in my opinion...

  2. Thanks Jan! I totally agree...I learn so much from traveling...