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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The 'Power' of Networking

Networking is a crucial part of succeeding in this competitive world that we all live in.

How the heck do I network?

Networking is simple. The first thing you should do is create a profile on .

In my opinion, 'Linked in' is one of the best resources to use. Practically every professional out there interested in networking has a profile page on this site. From Students to Presidents, there are millions out there looking to connect where applicable.

What is Networking anyways?

The act of networking is pictorially described below...

The sought after idea of networking is long gone and has practically been forgotten about in today's society. The problem is, is that the secret to success lies behind the idea of simply shaking one's hand "CORRECTLY."

The following is NOT A JOKE!

How to Shake one's hand, Properly...

The following was taken directly from


  1. Extend your right hand thumb up.
    Ok ladies, it's not Victorian times. Make sure you use your right hand. Using your left is just awkward and demands more from the person you meet than necessary.
  2. Grasp the other persons hand.
    Bring your thumb down and curl the other four fingers up.
  3. Use a firm grasp.
    Please do not shake with a dead fish of a hand. Nobody wants to shake a wobbly hand that does not grip back. Do not grip and smash the other persons hand. This is not a time to establish dominance. This can be tempting but please refrain.
  4. Shake hands.
    Up and down twice is just perfect. Anymore than that will seem creepy and uncomfortable.
  5. Your done!! Success!
    Please do refrain from wiping your hand off. This can be tempting but you don't want to be offensive. You can excuse yourself to the restroom to wash your hands if you have been handed a sweaty, dirty hand."
      I believe that lays the laws down quite simply. In my opinion, the first handshake is the most important part of meeting someone. I would recommend practicing with other's to perfect your handshake.


         Today,Iintroduced myself to an upper class professor in the Landscape Architecture Department, Professor Sheridan.We briefly talked about where we were from originally. When I mentioned my town, Croton-on-Hudson, New York, his eyes instantly lit up.

I go to the University of Rhode Island, so were talking about a place well over two and a half hours away.

We continued talking about who he knew in that area, on top of mimicking the train conductor as he announced the Croton-Harmon stop. We ended up both knowing this one Landscape Architect from Croton-on-Hudson, New York. Jan Johnsen of Johnsen Landscapes & Pools. We talked briefly about how we both knew her. Overall, it was just incredible how a simple handshake turned into a networking experience. It goes to show you that life does exist out side of the Cyber world!

Go out, and introduce yourself to everyone! Shake hands with the next person you see! You may just run into someone, end up talking about someone you both know, and end up landing your first job that way! You never know!

Just Remember...

This is taken from

"Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure your hands are dry.
  • If your hands are dirty take a second to wipe them off.
  • Please try not to assert your dominance and smash the other persons hand.
  • Be confident."

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