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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Give the gift of success this holiday season....

 Happy Holidays to all!

In this blog post, you will find a basket full of great gift ideas for those young adult's in your life.

A parent's dream, of course is to bring about a child who grows up to become a happy, intelligent and successful human being. Much of this is thankfully learned through elementary school, into middle school, up to high school, and then hopefully well into College. A huge chunk, in my opinion, is found throughout college. Although I am only a college sophmore, I have come to realize that 'real life' learning truly happens during higher education. Although much is learned about success throughout a young adults education, there is much to be learned outside of school time. School does not teach a class on money (if they do, not really in depth). School teaches education. After seeing this economic crisis and how it has hit highly educated, successful American Citizens, I decided to to take action for my future. 

Coming from someone who hated reading throughout high school (as did most of my classmates), I have started to become a real book worm. In the past six months, I can't seem to put down my books. I look forward to shopping for new books, and sitting down and reading them. What use to be an extremely stress-full activity (reading) is now something I do to relieve stress. It's like my brain has created a new room, and the vacuum has turned on- but doesn't seem to want turn off. 

I guess I have finally found my niche, reading about making money. Not reading about making money with physical labor involved, but reading about how to make money work for you. I am not rich in any way, but I am learning how to take the money that I do work for (with physical labor), and put it away to grow for me. I have only invested about $50 so far... since it's not  a simple task, and because I don't have millions. But as I read, I am becoming more educated on the subject matter, and hopefully soon, I will be a pro. 

If you know someone like this, I have created a group of items that you can purchase as stocking stuffers!

In the past six months, I have done the following things in this exact order:

Step 1: I opened an account at:
(Entrance to the Stock Market)

Really simple, just enter in your information (or that young adults information), connect it to a bank account and your all ready. Put $50 bucks or so into the account for practice. Although this is the first step, don't use the account until the steps that require reading books! It would be helpful to set an account up first though, since not only does it take three business day to connect, but also, when him/her becomes addicted to understanding the markets, they will want to jump on their account to buy! It will be all ready, waiting for them...  

Although this is the first step, don't use the account until the steps that require reading books!

Step 2: I purchased "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"...

This book almost got me in trouble at school many times...  but at the same time, brought me a ton of compliments from my professors. They would say something like "It's great that your reading to help your financial future, I completely respect that, but do it on your own time..." I couldn't help it sometimes, you always want to get to the next chapter... and it seems that nothing can get in your way. Oops I guess? I don't regret reading this book at certain times when I would get the death look, since in the end, not only did I learn to think on a completely different spectrum, but in the end, I ended up doing better in my classes since I understood what was really important in life. No, not completely money, but happiness. Happiness brings money into your life. Money can mean friends, money can mean loved ones, or money can be money, but in the end, the lesson you learn from this book is not about becoming rich. It's about understanding how to think to become successful. People had noticed intellectual changes in me, from the moment I picked up this book. A must buy, and for only $3.99 at, how can you beat it?

Step 2: I purchased, my current bible...

Now this book, was such a random find! I was looking at travel books, falling in love with images of Italy, and other's all throughout Europe. The corner of my eye spotted a light bulb. The lightbulb was the image on the front cover of John Maxwell's book, "Thinking For A Change." It was like a "meant to be" kinda moment. I read on the front cover, " 11 Ways Highly Successful People Approach Life And Work." I then saw a quote by Ken Blanchard stating "If you want to go places you've never been before--- you have to think in ways you've never thought before. This book will teach you how!" I skimmed through the book, and noticed something that I hadn't seen with other books. At the end of every chapter, it summarized a lesson that should be learned after reading. It offered many questions with space to write in. I was blown away, since now I had space to write out my ideas, while they were still fresh! You didn't just complete the chapter, and smile, but you completed the chapter and learned five more things about yourself, and how you can change for the better. At the moment, I am not finished with this book. The reason is because the book is all about learning from many different lessons. At the end of the chapters, it recommends understanding what you do, and how to change your actions. You have to live through those certain situations to understand how to better yourself. So I only continue to the next chapter once I have learned in real life scenarios. This is a book that has to be read! Although it was probably written for adults with careers, I believe that teenagers and young adults can really benefit from this read! It prepares you for a successful career of your choice. Again, a must buy, at only $3.48 at!

Start with these books and an account at TD Ameritrade!

Now let's review the shopping cart full of items:

TD Ameritrade Account- $0.00 to open.
The book, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"(paperback) - $3.99
The book, "Thinking For A Change" (paperback)- $3.48
Total- $7.47

Can you beat that? It will be the best holiday gift you ever gave, I guarantee it!

Happy Holidays

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