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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Getting To Know Yourself...

What exactly does, "Getting to know yourself" mean?

Sadly, many people do not and will not ever know themselves very well. I bring this to light because I feel it is crucial to your success in your future career as not only a professional, but as a student.

I'm currently writing this chapter of my book (this blog entry) at Fort Wetherhill park in Jamestown (an island) in Rhode Island. It's 9:50 a.m. on a Saturday and I have about an hour until work starts, which is only a 2 minute drive from here. This is the spot where I first met myself. Seriously though, I came here, to this secluded cliff side overlooking the bay. It's a great place to escape the real world for a short period of time, or a long period of time if you choose. It's so quiet and tranquil that it almost forces you to do some real deep thinking. 

These are some things I thought of:

Who am I?

Why am I here?

What was I sent to do in this world?

I've always thought a lot, but here I was thinking more than ever before. I knew this was a magical spot that I would always come to if I wanted to come up with some good ideas or if I just wanted to give my mind a break. Before coming here, I always thought a lot, but not always clearly and concisely. Well, after coming here over and over again, I started to understand that my unclear and hectic thinking practices were actually clear and concise, but that I was just missing a piece from the puzzle! I wasn't writing anything down. It was formulated in one brain cell, passed to the front of the line, pondered upon, and then disappeared into thin air. Finally, I started bringing a notebook with me and I started to organize what I was going to think about, and on what days I would think about them. It was a giant experiment/plan that I was formulating to see if I could put my ideas to work, rather than just taking up some of my free time. Well to say the least, it has worked so far.

Anyways, after some serious calculations (joking, I'm awful at mathematics) I decided to start working on my book, 'Doubling Your Summer Money.'

So what's the point, I find a place to go to, relax, and I'll realize I should write a book? You may decide that, but I remembered, after some good thinking practices and organizing of my thoughts (organization is key!), a dream that I had thought of when I was much, much younger. I wanted to grow up to help make positive changes in peoples lives and eventually become an author. I never thought about becoming an author in high school, hence why am I constantly working on my writing skills. I had many thoughts when I was younger of what my dream life would be when I was a 'grown up.' Professors and teachers always say go with your intuition or your first thought, but how could you if you can't remember what your first thought was when you were younger? Sure people change their life paths and do absolutely fine for themselves. All that I am trying to say is that through my continuous process of getting to know myself(through organizing my thoughts), I was able to understand what I wanted in life and what I was sent down here to do. I remembered my dream. Life is a challenge, so getting my writing skills up to par with the credentials I need to take my book to the publishing house is a personal goal of mine.

Find a place to escape to.

Try and remember your dreams from years ago.
Don't forget to trust your intuition!

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