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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Google Magic

Chapter 10- Young Adult Googles His Idea For A Business

University of Rhode Island- April 13, 2011
Peter was simply walking down the quad at University of Rhode Island and like most young adult college students, he was surfing the web on his smart phone. Unlike other students, Peter has a strong interest in graphic design, particularly drawing designs on T-Shirts. Never did he think about selling his designs though. He would make T-Shirts for his family and friends. He really enjoyed this hobby, and that made him think hard about what he could possibly do to invest deeper into his passion.

After scrolling through his designs on his resume website, he came up with a great idea mixed with a dollop of entrepreneurial spirit. “How can I sell these designs imprinted on clothing to people around me on campus?”

He knew that he didn’t have time to open his own store and he did not want a life as a store owner either. He was a graphic design major. His dream was to sell his line to a major clothing retailer. He came up with a better idea. Since people always use their smart phones, he figured he could attract the largest audience by having his shop accessible online. There would be no physical storefront, but that he could run the shop out of his dorm or area at home with his parents.
After visiting a Border’s Book Store, he came across a book that discussed the idea of creating App’s to be viewed on Apple Products. He found a problem and he found a solution, both which are crucial to opening a business, whether it be a physical store front, a website, or an Apple App viewed on your hand held device.

The Problem:

Young adults do not always have a mode of transportation.

Many Young Adults would love to be able to just simply walk throughout a ‘mega-mall’ at least once a week.

Many do not have the money to buy name brand merchandise.

The Solution:

Since most young adults own a product that can access Apple’s App World or has itunes, which enables them to do just that, then they could access Peter’s genius idea.

The Idea:

An app which can be downloaded for free. You could scroll through several, if not hundreds of designs for the fronts of t-shirts search able by different styles. Once you open an account with E-Tshirt, you will be asked if you would like to add your shirt size and favorite t-shirt color. You can even opt to pre-load your account with money so that when you find a t-shirt design that you like, you can simply click and buy without having to hustle down your parents for their credit card.

As a society, we have to understand that we simply don’t have time anymore to go to a mall and spend several hours there walking endlessly hoping to find at least one item that you like and that you can afford (or not really be able to afford it, but buy it anyways). Sure we may have some time to spare, but wouldn’t you rather get a great deal on something that you know you like rather than something that everyone else is buying! Something original... What about the fact that you could find what you want and have it with the simple touch of a button... reducing your carbon footprint, and now you have saved time to exercise, play outside with friends or get homework done!

When we go to malls, we end up walking around, making our minds crazy over items we really want, but cannot afford, and then we end up going to the food concession and spending money on food that we really didn’t need. So now were training our minds to work our lives away to buy designer clothing, eat junk food and not have a true goal in mind, making a difference in our community. Sure buying lots of clothes, appliances and food at the local mall helps our economy, but it surely isn’t giving back into our community. Were creating carbon footprints by driving there, walking around in an indoor mall which uses heat, air conditioning, or oil and electricity, and of course, coal!

With the touch of E-Tshirt, you can avoid all of that, and rather than wasting time at a mall, you can play in the local park or volunteer at a local food bank, or even study for your next test. Now do you see what Peter was thinking all along?! It’s not about getting rich, it’s about creating the next name brand clothing company. The next designer clothing company will be a role model for us all.

Save Money.

Reduce Carbon Footprints.

Save time to do more proactive activities with our time.

Reduce non-sense spending to give back in other ways, not just to our economies financial end.

So why is Peter not going to be rich and make a fortune over his idea?(Well, he will be rich mentally.) Because he is a designer clothing company, and because he is a name brand company as well, that’s why! When your at the top of your league, you should be known for being the best out there. For ever t-shirt purchased, he will donate seventy five percent of his profit to non-profit organizations out there. Simply put, he will re-define what name brand means. 

 "Sow an act, and you reap a habit; sow habit, and you reap a character; sow a character, and you reap a destiny."
-George Dana Boardman

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