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Friday, November 5, 2010

"To me, gardening is the 'funnest' thing to do in the world."

People say I'm perfectly fit for an 'Entrepreneur Business' Major...

It's true, I love everything about numbers.
 I love business. 
I love the stock market.
I love owning businesses.
I love starting businesses.
I love thinking of ideas for businesses.


I'm on my way to becoming a Landscape Architect. 
I'm studying at the University of Rhode Island.

They wonder why...

People always say, why become a landscape architect when you love business?

I say... I want to be a landscape architect. I want one of my businesses to be a Landscape Architecture Firm.

People always ask why not just open a landscape business now? Being a landscaper doesn't require college!

I say... Well I want to be a Licensed Landscape Architect, not an un- licensed Landscape Architect or a Landscape Designer.

Then people ask, well what's the difference?

I answer... In order to become a Licensed Landscape Architect, you need schooling of between 4 and 5 years, plus an internship. You then need to take a huge exam that covers everything from year one. From what I've heard, the exam requires over a year to prepare for. Once passed, you become a Licensed Landscape Architect. 

As a Licensed Landscape Architect, you are able to perform all types of jobs from Residential, to commercial, to even government contracts. You can work for the government, such as the Parks Department or even the Military. All U.S. states except one (which may have changed) requires a licensed Landscape Architect.

Then people say, okay makes sense. 

I then explain that business is a very stressful subject to be involved with. Everything related to business, including the stock market, requires stress. I found out early on that in order to relieve stress, for me at least, I would garden. I could, and would garden and design for hours upon hours. To me, gardening is the 'funnest' thing to do in the world. I conclude that in order to relieve stress from my hopes and dreams that I look to pursue in the near future, I would need some sort of hobby to be constantly involved with so that I do not go out of my mind. Landscape Architecture, to me, is not work. A hobby is fun, and to me, LAR is exactly that!

A Landscape Architect Make's this...

 KenCairn Landscape Architecture LLC

Most Landscaper's are not trained to make something like that.

There are many Landscape Designers who are trained to create something like that, but for the most part, something such as the plan above would be created by a Landscape Architect.

You may say...

That's looks pretty detailed. You cannot tell me that isn't stressful. 

It is very stressful. I have created maybe an 1/8th of a project of that size, and had plenty of work to do! In my project, which I do not have a picture of at the moment, it took me 26 hours of hard work. Let me tell you, it was very Stressful, but once again, it's a good sorta of stress. After all its a hobby of mine, so to me, it's fun!

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